Late Night NBA!

Eastern Conference – potential play off match up

Currently sat watching the Detroit Pistons on the road at the Milwaukee Bucks! About to enter the 4th quarter at the time of posting, with the scores tied at 76! Looks like I’ve picked a good one. Or have I? A close contest meansĀ  I’m going to watch the game until its close and its nearing 3am here!

The East has been surprisingly entertaining this year! Both these teams look set for the play offs. Despite the Pistons having a stronger current record, (14-9, 12-10 respectively) I’d say the Bucks have the most upside to do damage in the play offs, mainly on the back of Giannis’ MVP calibre play! It’ll be interesting to see how they bolster their roster before the trade deadline, I expect they surely will?! I really liked the addition of Eric Bledsoe.

Quick shout out to Andre Drummond’s dramatic upturn in free throw success!

Will watch the conclusion and then its off to sleep for me!

Author: jpalms96

Newcastle University - Maths. Lover of sport, music and travelling!

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