Merseyside Derby

So, 20 minutes left at Anfield. Two things I have written about have come to light in one game.

Two noticeable things have happened so far.

Firstly, Liverpool have dominated all game, not found that second and find themselves pegged back at 1-1.

Secondly, due to discipline problems Rooney is substituted. Sigurdsson moves central with the pacey Lookman and Bolasie wide of him. It was Sigurdsson who made it 1-1.

1: I wrote here about Liverpool’s struggles from 1-0 leads, underlining the importance of the second goal.

2: I wrote here about how to get the best out of Sigurdsson, playing him centrally and surrounding him with complimentary, pacey players.

Last time out Liverpool got a last gasp winner from the same situation. However last time these two played it finished 1-2. Lets see how this pans out!


Author: jpalms96

Newcastle University - Maths. Lover of sport, music and travelling!

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