Upcoming plans

Having anxiety fucking sucks and I wish it didn’t keep me up all night. To try tire myself out, I thought I’d go over some of my upcoming plans.

I’ve been working on and researching the MLS salary cap, down to its minor detail, and this is something I will continue to study. The intricacies are certainly interesting to me, as teams jostle to improve.

The MLS as a whole is something I wish to become accustomed to. I’d like to cover it in the future, particularly if completing a masters in the U.S materialises, as is my dream. MLS league pass is certainly an option.

I also have an idea for an article regarding the Houston Rockets, which will hit on a point I’m yet to see written about, but really intrigues me. However, as an off-season piece there is no rush. It is something I really want to get right after conducting thorough research.

The piece will likely be similar form to my earlier article about the San Antonio Spurs. The piece in-fact did pretty well on the Medium platform and is one of my proudest to date. I have been toying with the idea of linking my Medium account to my personal account, my confidence is certainly growing.

Despite being an obsessive fan who is constantly using different outlets to understand better the details of the on court game, I accept basketball is not a sport I grew up playing. As a result, I would never pretend to know more about the game itself than I do. My NBA pieces, whilst less frequent, will tend to be bigger picture stories, surveying the landscape of the league and it’s subplots. As a sport that came fairly foreign as a child, I have loved the experience being an NBA fan has provided.

Finally, with the Premier League creeping round the corner, I will look to power through some more off-season previews. I am still experimenting with this style of writing, with both big picture and more tactical single game analysis being my strengths at this moment.

Author: jpalms96

Newcastle University - Maths. Lover of sport, music and travelling!

One thought on “Upcoming plans”

  1. That sounds great about your upcoming plans, especially getting to know the NBA and their teams. I’m a Boston Celtics fan but there’s so much that I don’t know about the Nba that it’s not even funny. I’m more of an NHL and baseball fan, although I can say hockey has the edge. I’m looking forward to reading your posts about the NBA. It should be interesting from the point of view of someone who never really followed the sport .


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