Klock playing Klockworks!

Ben Klock drops an acid number from his label!


Now, I promise this isn’t the Ben Klock fan page blog…but I thought I’d drop probably the most memorable tune of the night from 10 YEARS OF JAUNT – BEN KLOCK.

Dance of the Warrior was released in 2017 on the aforementioned label Klockworks by female Georgian artist Ana Kublashvili. It is her first release on the label.

Away day in my own town

Up in the rafters – the St James’ Park experience

St James’ Park. Possibly the best away end in England?

Watched as a neutral from the Leicester end today. The Foxes came out deservedly on top, 3-2 winners in a game which both sides had leads.

Little takeaways:

  • Mahrez just looked on a higher level to anybody else, Leicester have done incredibly well to keep him for this long. Begs the question, how much longer can it last? His departure for bigger & better things seems inevitable.
  • Demari Gray really impressed. England are expected to take a young squad to the World Cup this summer. Southgate knows him well from his u21 coaching days. Could he make a late push to make the squad?
  • Speaking of international duty, Leicester left back Ben Chilwell looks like a player who will pick up England caps in the future.
  • Newcastle look like a Championship squad (because they are). Rafa feels forced to play incredibly defensive. A struggle to entertain as well as a struggle to stay up lies ahead for this club.

A great rivalry brewing?

Two young cores go head to head in Philadelphia!

Late night NBA for me again! Great to see the TNT guys back on my screen. This time the Lakers take on the 76ers at Well Fargo Center!

Is this a little glimpse in to the future of the NBA? I can’t put my finger on it but these two young teams seem to play with a certain edge when they face up. Perhaps they feel the potential of a heavyweight rivalry on the horizon too.

Simmons, Fultz, Embiid & Covington isn’t a bad core to build around. This side is a lot of fun. I find Simmons in particular an intriguing player to watch. I think the scariest thing about him is there are still so many flaws to his game, so much room to improve, yet he’s a top 30 player in the NBA one year in??

I’d like to see Markelle Fultz get right again and contribute his year. The storyline surrounding him this rookie year is downright bizarre! The Sixers could really do with a second ball handler, especially come play off time. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they essentially redshirt him for the remainder of the campaign.

Over to the west and the Lakers are certainly one to watch this free agency. Could they add one, possibly two stars to play alongside Ingram, Ball & Kuzma? Will they manage to get off the Deng contract?

Even prior to free agency, this Lakers team has a lot to watch for. The long term potential of Ingram really excites me, that is a lot of upside right there. CJ says it best! Kyle Kuzma is a flat out scorer and looks like a steal at the 27th pick of the draft. I personally really enjoy watching Randle ball & his pending restricted free agency is definitely a story line worth keeping an eye on. Oh, and there’s a point guard who goes by the name of Lonzo Ball.

Both are exciting to watch now, both are surrounded by great narratives, both have young cores, both have cap space. Both are…potential Lebron landing spots?? I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both these clubs, but let’s enjoy the now too!


My time in Milan!

I stayed in a shared Air BNB with an old Italian woman during my time in Milan. My room was the upstairs of an indie little apartment. I wish I’d taken a picture now. The place was a tip, stuffed with cool little ornaments. Oh, and she had two small dogs!








Vintage NBA!

An all time classic uniform

Definitely up there as one of my favourite ever sports garments. Had this screengrab a long time. Unfortunately i don’t have the bottle (arms) to ever wear it! Wouldn’t mind as a collectors piece though, maybe when I’m a bit less skint. Almost bought a Tracy McGrady replica of the same uniform. Have looked for other similar merchandise but came up short. Really fantastic piece though… almost cheesy but it draws the line perfectly for me.

Vince by the way, still dunking at 40!


Upgrades pending!

Quick little update. I will be upgrading my WordPress blog to premium after Christmas. Among other things this will allow me to share videos which will be particularly useful for my music related posts. As far as journalism goes, I will also be upgrading the scouting software I use, allowing me to share clips of pieces of play I feel will compliment the piece. There is a current piece I am working on regarding a young English footballer. Unfortuanately, as much as i would love to get stuck in to the hectic Christmas football schedule, I have a busy schedule of my own with 6 exams forthcoming in January! So if there is a sudden explosion of articles at once after weeks without post, that explains why!

Ben Klock!!!

Berghain resident comes to town

Long day in the library for me today. However, my assignment is finished and I can relax. Got the opportunity to celebrate tomorrow night, Ben Klock is in Newcastle! Seen him once before and I’m looking forward to round 2! Here’s a quick video of him dropping an acid tune I took when I saw him at the Isle of Summer festival in Munich – Germany.

Thought I’d add this little nugget of his doing too.