Klock playing Klockworks!

Ben Klock drops an acid number from his label!

Now, I promise this isn’t the Ben Klock fan page blog…but I thought I’d drop probably the most memorable tune of the night from 10 YEARS OF JAUNT – BEN KLOCK.

Dance of the Warrior was released in 2017 on the aforementioned label Klockworks by female Georgian artist Ana Kublashvili. It is her first release on the label.

Ben Klock!!!

Berghain resident comes to town

Long day in the library for me today. However, my assignment is finished and I can relax. Got the opportunity to celebrate tomorrow night, Ben Klock is in Newcastle! Seen him once before and I’m looking forward to round 2! Here’s a quick video of him dropping an acid tune I took when I saw him at the Isle of Summer festival in Munich – Germany.

Thought I’d add this little nugget of his doing too.