Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery gig


Was lucky enough to see Daniel Avery this weekend! For those who don’t know, Avery is a London based DJ on Erol Alkan’s record label Phantasy Sound. His sets tend to mix between techno & house, but with acid almost always running through it to varying degrees. I saw him at Cosmic Ballroom presented by¬†Ape-X events.

He closed with two tracks from his debut LP, Drone Logic. You can find Spotify links to both at the bottom of this post. Both tracks are two of my current favourites, but I have to say, Knowing We’ll Be Here is one of the most perfect “last song of the night” tunes you are likely to hear.

Two stand out upcoming gigs for Avery come on New Year’s eve & New Year’s day, playing at Fabric and The Warehouse Project respectively.

Grooving with Harry Wolfman!

House & Disco with a cosmic twist!

One heck of a funky track. Epiphany Five is a mixture of house and disco with a cosmic twist from London based DJ Harry Wolfman. The track was released as part of his Ulubis EP on record label The House Of Disco. You can catch their Facebook page here!