A great rivalry brewing?

Two young cores go head to head in Philadelphia!

Late night NBA for me again! Great to see the TNT guys back on my screen. This time the Lakers take on the 76ers at Well Fargo Center!

Is this a little glimpse in to the future of the NBA? I can’t put my finger on it but these two young teams seem to play with a certain edge when they face up. Perhaps they feel the potential of a heavyweight rivalry on the horizon too.

Simmons, Fultz, Embiid & Covington isn’t a bad core to build around. This side is a lot of fun. I find Simmons in particular an intriguing player to watch. I think the scariest thing about him is there are still so many flaws to his game, so much room to improve, yet he’s a top 30 player in the NBA one year in??

I’d like to see Markelle Fultz get right again and contribute his year. The storyline surrounding him this rookie year is downright bizarre! The Sixers could really do with a second ball handler, especially come play off time. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they essentially redshirt him for the remainder of the campaign.

Over to the west and the Lakers are certainly one to watch this free agency. Could they add one, possibly two stars to play alongside Ingram, Ball & Kuzma? Will they manage to get off the Deng contract?

Even prior to free agency, this Lakers team has a lot to watch for. The long term potential of Ingram really excites me, that is a lot of upside right there. CJ says it best! Kyle Kuzma is a flat out scorer and looks like a steal at the 27th pick of the draft. I personally really enjoy watching Randle ball & his pending restricted free agency is definitely a story line worth keeping an eye on. Oh, and there’s a point guard who goes by the name of Lonzo Ball.

Both are exciting to watch now, both are surrounded by great narratives, both have young cores, both have cap space. Both are…potential Lebron landing spots?? I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both these clubs, but let’s enjoy the now too!