Daft Limmy!

A prehaps lesser known side to Limmy is the fact he produces his own music! In fact you can see for yourself, check his Soundcloud here!

They are often piss-takes or little pieces from his sketches. However, this one is actually a proper track believe it or not, despite the ironic title.

I present to you, Limmy – Upbeat.


Ambient German electro

Had this tune from one of the leaders of the electronic scene for a while now. Flugel’s ambient style gives off a very “after party” kind of vibe to this tune. For me it epitomises the closed off from your surroundings feeling electronic music is famous for! One of my personal favourites.

Grooving with Harry Wolfman!

House & Disco with a cosmic twist!

One heck of a funky track. Epiphany Five is a mixture of house and disco with a cosmic twist from London based DJ Harry Wolfman. The track was released as part of his Ulubis EP on record label The House Of Disco. You can catch their Facebook page here!